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And the winners are…

Posted on: December 26th, 2011 by christine 2 Comments

Thanks to all for the lovely comments and good wishes.

To select the winners of my Inaugural Blogpost Double Giveaway, blog posting comment order numbers were written with quill and ink on slips of parchment, tossed into a hollowed out gourd and drawn at random to the beating of fife and drums.

Congratulations! to today’s lucky Winners:

Giveaway #1 goes to Comment #24, Katherine Wigginton
A signed copy of Midwife of the Blue Ridge
and bars of handmade Lavender Soap (smells so good!)

Giveaway #2 goes to Comment #9, Jerelyn
A signed copy of The Tory Widow
and bags of Liberty Tea (smells so good!)

I hope you all make it a point to stop by the ol’ blog now and then to see what I’m up to. I’m planning many more giveaways in this exciting time leading up to publication of The Turning of Anne Merrick on February 7th. To catch wind of future news and exciting  giveaways of books and other 18th century sundries, follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook (direct links at the bottom of the page).

Cheers to you, my fellows!


2 Responses to “And the winners are…”

  1. Jerelyn says:

    Yippee! oh I am so excited. Thank-you so much. I gave my copy of The Tory Widow to my sister, so an new autographed copy would go on my Goddess shelf. I adore your books Midwife Of the Blue Ridge was on my top 10 books I read this year I can’t wait for The Turning of Anne Merrick! Thank-you thank-you!

  2. Katherine Wigginton says:

    I loved Midwife of Blue Ridge it was so good I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait to read more of your books, thank you so much.

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