Christine Blevins

Historical Fiction

The Turning of Anne Merrick

As the winds of fortune shift away from the Patriot cause, Anne Merrick does not forsake the cause of Liberty. She spies for General Washington, betrays the Redcoats and battles to drive the hated enemy from American shores...


“Blevins deftly blends a vividly detailed historical setting with richly nuanced characterization and just the right dash of romance.”
Chicago Tribune

“The setting feels authentic, and the drama and action compels you to turn the pages… Blevins’s research is impeccable, and the details of everyday life in this time period are masterful.”
The Historical Novels Review

“Blevins excels at carefully researched and meticulously detailed gritty historical fiction set around pivotal American conflicts.”

“The heroine is a daring woman who believes in a cause and yet is torn by the horrors she sees during the war. The lessons Blevins delivers are vital and viable for modern readers.”
RT Book Reviews

The Tory Widow

Loyalty is one thing — subjugation quite another. As the patriot army fortifies the city of New York, a vast British armada gathers in the harbor, and young Widow Merrick is caught up in the sweeping events leading to revolution and the birth of a nation…

Praise for THE TORY WIDOW:

“A really well-researched novel that takes you into a period in history in a way that illuminates it or brings a new perspective to historical events… Pages go by quickly as scenes are brought to life with evocative language and unerring syntax.”
Historical Novels Review

“A self-reliant woman, turbulent times, politics, battles, and love meld together in what will hopefully be a new series from a writer who knows what makes historical fiction resonate: memorable characters and meaningful, accurate historical events.”
RT Book Reviews

“The plot is compelling. The writing is unobtrusive. And the research appears to me to be impeccable. And the characters!” —The Bluestocking Society

The Tory Widow is everything I think that a good book should be—fast paced, well written, with unforgettable characters placed into situations that make for compelling and satisfying reading.” —Romance Reader at Heart

Midwife of the Blue Ridge

Filled with hope for a new life, Maggie Duncan embarks on a perilous adventure that takes her from her tiny village in the highlands of Scotland to the edge of the wilderness on the colonial frontier…


“A terrific book! A riveting tale of love, struggle and savagery on America’s colonial frontier.” —Bernard Cornwell

“Blevins does not soft-pedal the brutal realities of women’s lot in the colonies, but gives strong, skilled Maggie pluck and hope.” —Publishers Weekly

“Lavishly and minutely described… an in-depth and up-close look at what life was really like in those times.” —Booklist

“Love and adventure, pride and passion… A vivid evocation of time and place… An unforgettable novel that will capture your heart. There is simply no way to put it down once you have begun.” —Rosemary Rogers

“A splendid novel of passion and danger in the early Virginias by a talented new author. I highly recommend it!” —Bertrice Small