Christine Blevins

Historical Fiction


New York City, 1775.
Civil dissent overtakes the colonies, and rebellion evolves into revolution and war. In the bustling port city of New York, traditional loyalties are questioned, and as the widow of a known Tory, Anne Merrick struggles for self-determination in a world where a woman’s status is governed by the men her life.

The Liberty Boys scour the city, relentless in pursuing and punishing Loyalist traitors. Devoted to the rebel cause, Jack Hampton finds he is nonetheless drawn to the determined widow regardless of her politics, and Anne finds it hard to resist the ardent patriot.

When Washington and his Continental Army arrive to stem a certain British invasion, and New York transitions in to an armed camp, Jack helps Anne rediscover her true ideals and endure the confusion and fervor of an extraordinary time.

Their tenuous connection is severed when the Redcoats invade to occupy the city. Anne Merrick draws upon her Tory reputation and her newfound convictions, to infiltrate British military society. With treachery, cunning, stealth and courage her only weapons, Anne fights to help her new country, and the man she loves.Midwife of the Blue Ridge

Filled with hope for a new life, Maggie Duncan embarks on a perilous adventure that takes her from her tiny village in the highlands of Scotland to the edge of the wilderness on the colonial frontier… where the whisper of Indian uprising lies just over the horizon.